ChromaStock_28214837INTRASTAT is a European system of collecting information on the goods turnover between the EU member states. It requires the businesses involved in international trade to file relevant statistical declarations. These, so-called INTRASTAT declarations (EXPORT or IMPORT) include collective monthly information about the import and export transactions. If the businesses fail to comply with this requirement, they may be subject to fines or criminal sanctions.

The goods turnover statistics are collected by the customs authorities directly form the relevant businesses or their representatives.

As a part of DTA service offer, we assist our Clients with creating and filing declarations with the relevant customs authorities, with the following solutions:

  • collecting data necessary for completion of the import and export INTRASTAT information;
  • creation of declarations based on the commercial documents;
  • creation of the quarterly VAT declarations;
  • representation before the customs authorities in Poland;
  • transmission of the e-declarations as required by the customs authorities.

Our services are tailored for the specific needs and requirements of our Clients. We guarantee data protection.

For detailed information please contact Intrastat Department:

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