12497916Procedure 4200

Procedure 4200 involves import of the non-EU commodities to the territory of Poland with subsequent delivery of these commodities to some other EU country, also called the intra-Community supply with import VAT deferment.

DTA offer includes services using this procedure.

The benefits are as follows:

  • on the release of the shipment for free circulation by the tax representative (DTA), the Client does not pay import VAT,
  • the VAT debt generated during the customs procedures is later settled by the Client in the country of final destination, which streamlines the goods turnover and improves the Client’s cash flow,
  • easier purchase procedures in the case of resale of the goods,
  • opposite to the transit procedure, the Client’s customer is released from any customs obligations, acquires cleared shipment, ready for immediate use.

Procedure 4200 is dedicated to the foreign businesses importing goods to EU via the territory of Poland. The customs clearance location may be selected the Client’s convenience.

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