25833289Simplified procedure

As a part of the customs service area DTA Group offers simplified procedure customs clearance.

Simplified procedures not only facilitate the customs processes, but have become a must for the businesses involved in the international commercial turnover. This solution enables sustainable growth on the highly competitive market, ensuring tangible benefits for the importers and exporters.

The most important of these benefits are:

  • significant time savings;
  • reduction of delivery and truck parking costs;
  • limited number of customs inspections and checks;
  • easy delivery planning and order completion;
  • reduction of storage costs;
  • release of the shipments before the settlement of the customs debt;
  • customs clearance beyond the Customs Office working hours;
  • customs debt and VAT guarantee;
  • VAT deferment pursuant to art. 33a of Polish VAT Law (in VAT declaration).

Additionally we can offer even more convenient solution, which is the customs clearance directly on the Client’s premises.

Our innovative solutions may be used not only for import and export, but also for transit and procedures of economic impact.

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