VAT defermentVAT deferment

Deferment of VAT payment is possible pursuant to art. 33(a) of Polish VAT law.

It is a non-cash settlement of import VAT by means of VAT-7, VAT-7K, and VAT-7D declaration. This way VAT need not be paid or secured during the import clearance.

Benefits of VAT deferment:

  • possibility of non-cash VAT settlement
  • VAT settlement is made by the importer in the VAT declaration
  • the importer does not „freeze” the VAT amount, and may use it to fund the current operations.

The procedure is referred to as the deferred settlement. It means for the businesses that, instead of immediate payment of import VAT to the Customs, they include it in the VAT declaration for the month when the import occurred. Thus no payment is necessary at the import clearance and no VAT is transferred to the Customs account.

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