What is co-packing?

What is co-packing?

Not everyone knows that DTA is not only a Customs Agency, but  we also offer warehousing services. One of the additional services we are able to offer to our clients is co-packing. You can read about what co-packing is and what DTA has to offer in this area in the article below.

What does co-packing consist in?

Co-packing is a series of activities involving the repacking of goods from collective packaging into single ones, creating ready-made sets, advertising stands and other promotional media. This involves combining individual products into multipacks, attaching samples of other goods, labelling, foil-wrapping and marking products before they go on sale.

Nowadays, in order to sell goods, you need to gain an advantage over the competition. In a world where most clients buy a product “with their eyes”, the appropriate packaging of the product or its display itself is important – this is how merchandising works in a store. The packaging of the goods is as important as its contents.

Our services include: packing and repacking goods, replacing packaging, creating advertising stands, packing Christmas and promotional sets, i.e. their assembly. We also specialize in labelling goods, foil-wrapping and tabbing.

We also conduct the so-called “goods repair procedure”, which takes place in a bonded warehouse. This activity enables repair or maintenance of goods under customs and tax control. You will read about it soon on our blog.

Our offer is prepared individually for each order. The multitude of services we provide in the area of co-packing always requires specific adaptation of our offer to client expectations.

Why is it worth using the co-packing service at DTA?

DTA is a company with many years of experience in the logistics industry and is able to complete even the most unusual orders. By giving your goods to us, you receive help, advice and comprehensive service, timely execution of the order and the safety of your goods.

We also provide a wide range of packaging services that extend the co-packing service. You will soon read more about packaging on our blog. It is a time-consuming service and involves a larger group of people. Our co-packing department has experience, technical resources and a flexible team.

Co-packing is one of the services in which we have specialized for years. If you use it, you will gain an advantage on the market and the client will pay attention to your product!

It is worth adding that we have the necessary knowledge regarding the regulations and standards that must be met when packaging food and cosmetic goods.

To sum up: as DTA, we will accept almost any goods – without packaging, in collective packaging, whole or damaged, and pack them according to your wishes.

We prepare Christmas sets, multipacks, and perform a number of other activities included in the co-packing service, and you will save time and reduce your costs.


If you are looking for ready-made solutions and a proven business partner in the field of co-packing, please contact us:

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