DTA and Charity


DTA helps – join our campaigns, because together we can do more! 💚

We decided to share what we do because, as we mentioned above, together we can do more, and perhaps our actions will also inspire others to take similar actions.

The year 2023 is ending, we will try to sum up what we have achieved

It should be emphasized that help comes not only from DTA Group companies, but also (or primarily) from our employees!

Throughout the year, we cooperated with the “Pomocny Ratel” Foundation, responding to their needs, supporting them materially and providing specific assistance.

Who else was helped and how?

✅ Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – through material support and donating items for charity auctions

✅ beneficiaries of the foundation: Serce dla Maluszka, Mam Moc, Słoneczko, Nadzieja w nas – through financial support

✅ people in need – including by supporting collections at “siepomaga” and direct aid

✅ local help: Children’s Care and Treatment Center in Jaszkotle, Mokronos Górny and Dolny, Wrocław Men’s Vocal Ensemble I Signori, Shelter for Homeless Animals in Wrocław, Smolecki Community Center

✅ Hrubieszów Center for Counteracting Social Pathologies KRES – donation of gifts

Join us and help! DTA – because we like to help! 💚