AEO certificate – what is it and how to obtain it?

AEO certificate – what is it and how to obtain it?

The AEO certificate brings specific image and financial benefits for the company. What? First of all, fewer customs inspections and, if necessary, the possibility of carrying them free of turn and in a place chosen by the company. Importantly, the certificate is recognized by all European Union member states. If you want to know more what this document is and how to obtain it – please read the article.

What is an AEO certificate?

An AEO certificate is a document confirming AEO status. The abbreviation itself means “Authorised Economic Operator”. It is an EU document confirming the company’s credibility, which is associated with specific benefits – as described below.

Importantly, although the AEO certificate is issued by national customs authorities, it is respected in all European Union countries. It is not obligatory, but as you will read below, it is worth applying for it.

And who is the AEO certificate for? This document will certainly bring many benefits to companies that deal with international trade and other activities regulated by customs regulations. These may be goods producers, importers, exporters, carriers, freight forwarders or companies managing bonded warehouses.

What are the benefits of possessing an AEO certificate?

As we mentioned, having an “authorized economic operator” certificate has specific benefits. These are not only those related to image, such as greater credibility and prestige of the company, but also those that translate into tangible money.

Firstly, if the company has an AEO certificate, the number of checks, both those of documents and the physical ones, will be smaller. Additionally, the entire process will be faster because the shipment selected for inspection by customs authorities is treated as a priority. The entrepreneur may also choose the place of inspection.

It’s not everything! The AEO certificate also means faster and easier access to customs simplifications, priority handling of customs declarations and all applications submitted in customs matters. And not only in Poland but throughout the EU, because the certificate is recognized in all member states.

As you can see, the benefits of having an AEO have a real impact on time savings and process optimization, including: delivery of goods and client service, and thus translate into tangible savings for your company.

And how to obtain the certificate of ‘authorised economic operator’?

The process of issuing an AEO certificate takes place electronically via the EU e-AEO Entrepreneur Portal (STP e-AEO). The first step to obtain it is to have an EORI number. Then complete the entrepreneur’s self-assessment questionnaire and the application itself.

If you need support in this area, please contact us. DTA not only has the AEO certificate, but also supports other companies in obtaining it. We will help you go through the entire complicated process. We will prepare documentation for you, send forms, and indicate areas that require improvement. That is not everything! Our experts will accompany you during the audit of customs and tax authorities and will answer all your questions.

Back to the topic. After submitting all required documents, customs authorities will check whether all conditions are met within 30 days. The decision on granting the status is issued within 120 days from the date of acceptance of the application (in justified cases, this deadline may be extended by 60 days).

What requirements must be met to receive a certificate?

To obtain an authorized entrepreneur certificate, you must meet specific requirements. Their full list can be found on the government website, under the “Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)” tab. Below we briefly present the most important of them.

Firstly, no serious infringement or no repeated infringements of customs and tax regulations, including no conviction for a serious criminal offence.

Secondly – proper management of commercial records and a high level of control of company operations and the flow of goods.

Further requirements are the company’s solvency, meeting practical standards in the field of competences or professional qualifications directly related to the business activity, and appropriate safety and security standards.

If your company meets them and you complete all the documents mentioned above, after their verification, representatives of customs authorities will conduct an audit at the company’s headquarters. If everything complies with the regulations, they will issue an AEO certificate.

And if you have any questions about AEO or need support in obtaining a certificate, please contact us. We will be happy to answer and/or help you through the entire procedure.